Prince William (VA) Public Library System
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Explanation of ILLiad Statuses

ILLiad uses various statuses to track requests. These statuses, listed below, may be used to pinpoint the exact location of any given item at any given time. Please note that these statuses reflect the actions of the requesting customer as well as those of the ILL staff.

Awaiting ALA Processing
This item is owned by a library that does not participate in the OCLC ILL system. We will now process this item using the standard ALA (American Library Association) paper request form and send the request via fax to a potential lender.

Awaiting Copyright Clearance
This article request must be reviewed to determine if any copyright fees need to be paid. These fees, if required, are paid by the library, not the requesting customer.

Awaiting Customer Contact
This requested item has arrived and has been processed by the ILL staff, but we have not yet informed the customer that the item has arrived.

Awaiting Extensive Searching 
This requested item cannot be identified and we will search standard bibliographic sources to try to identify it.

Awaiting Other Request Processing 
This requested item requires some unspecified special handling before it can be requested from another library.  Notes attached to the request should have a further explanation.

Awaiting Post Receipt Processing 
This requested item has been received in ILLiad, but has not yet been processed for delivery to the requester.

Awaiting Request Processing
This requested item has been submitted by the customer and has gone through the copyright clearance process, if necessary. It is now ready to be searched and requested from potential lenders.

Awaiting Return Label Processing
This item has been returned to the ILL office by the customer. It is currently awaiting return processing so that it can be returned to the lending library.

Awaiting Unfilled Processing
This request has been returned as unfilled. No library in our first group of chosen libraries has agreed to send the item. ILL staff will review the request and send it again, if more sources are available.

Cancelled By Customer 
The customer has cancelled this request and no longer requires the requested item.

Cancelled By ILL Staff 
This request has been cancelled by the ILL staff. The reason for this cancellation may be found in ILLiad by pushing the "View/Resubmit Cancelled Requests" button and looking at the detailed information for the cancelled item.

Note: If one of your requests is cancelled by the ILL staff, ILLiad immediately sends you an e-mail message explaining why the item was cancelled.